Who is FHCi

Who are we?

FHCi: Research, Education and Access to Homeoprophylaxis (HPx)

We are a community of families, individuals, and health care practitioners concerned about the alarming incidence of immune system disturbances and developmental delays affecting so many children as a result of the current-day vaccination programs, and the use of toxic chemicals in our food supply.

We are dedicated to providing health care options to maintain healthy immune systems and reverse the trend of chronic disease in society.

We have chosen to focus on immune system education for infants and children with Homeoprophylaxis to assist the young immune system to mature in a healthy way for health in body, mind and emotion, while building resilience towards resisting infectious disease.

When Dr. Isaac Golden established an HPx program under his research model in Australia. He continued to refine and research his program for 15 years, following over 2500 children for the duration of said program.

The statistics of his research are reviewed in the book: The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis the Vaccine Alternative

Our HPx Programs started with families paired with FHCi certified HPx Practitioners. This began as a model for immune system education towards infectious disease for infants and young children with the Full Childhood Immunological HPx Program in 2009. Since then, we have added additional HPx Programs for other stages of life to assist people of all ages to educate their immune system for strength, resistance to disease and overall health.

Through providing access to these safe, non-toxic program, our aim is for parents and communities to become empowered by witnessing the healthy maturation of their immune systems, healthy childhood maturation and enhancing immune systems towards resistance of infectious disease.

How did FHCi begin?

  • In 2008 Kate Birch, one of the founders of FHCi, met Dr. Issac Golden of Australia in Cuba to witness the government distribution of the Leptospirosis nosode to prevent the seasonal epidemic of the disease in one province. Leptospirosis study NIH.

  • Inspired by the ease of application and effectiveness in reducing the incidence of Leptosporosis not only in the year the nosode was given, but across the nation the following year as well, led to the formation of Free and Healthy Children international (FHCi) 501-(c)3 to bring Homeoprophylaxis (HPx) to the US and the world.

  • It is our members generosity, vision and determination that has grown FHCi and HPx into a strong community of families, individuals and highly trained certified HPx Practitioners.

  • Our public health model is growing, join us.

FHCi Mission Statement

Our mission and objectives include:

  • Research into HPx and Homeopathic protocols aimed at protecting children's and adult’s immune systems. This includes overseeing the collection and analysis of data regarding the effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis (HPx) as it affects short- and long-term health of our participating members.
  • Educating parents, caregivers and health practitioners about healthy immune system function and maturation through the use of HPx.
  • Access to HPx Practitioners and the homeopathic remedies needed to fulfill the increasing demand for safe and effective immune system education.

Why Research HPx?

From the inception of FHCi and the application of HPx in the public we understood that all HPx programs must first be entered into research. As we continue our work, each subsequent HPx program FHCi develops will also be studied so that we can demonstrate how HPx is working.

Since 2011 FHCi has completed two major research projects: The first is our Full Childhood Immunological HPx program, Parts one and two were published in 2019 and 2020. The second is a coronavirus prophylaxis program with different aspects published in peer-reviewed journals and in audio-visual presentations in 2021 and 2022. Through this work we have learned so much about HPx and the immune system.

From gaining this understanding, combined with historical applications of HPx and Homeopathy in infectious disease, FHCi continues to delve deeper, with the roll-out of new HPx programs designed to activate and increase immune system functionality and well-being. These HPx Programs are designed for multiple age groups, targeting the immunological functionality for immune system maturity and of all ages. Research of HPx is imperative for achieving global acceptance of HPx as a public health model. Your participation in research serves to realize the needed change for the health of humanity.