The Time is Now

You are here because you are looking for answers. What is the immune system and how does it work?

Currently we have a medical system that insists that vaccines are safe and effective, take another round of antibiotics, and suppress fevers with Tylenol.

This system tells us that children’s immune systems can handle over 72 doses of diseases in vaccines,and as many as ten vaccines can be delivered at once, that autism has nothing to do with vaccines, that infertility and miscarriage are normal, that it is expected that children will not sexually differentiate, and the last published autism rate, of children who were 8 in 2018 was up to 1 in 44.i This means they were born in 2010. There are times when the consensus in humanity has drifted far away from truth. We live once again in such a time.

The time is now for us to begin to reconcile these imbalances, when everybody has received multiple doses of antibiotics and experiences the resultant dysbiosis.ii Where children are not sexually maturing to their genetic codes; The mental health of children in our society is rapidly deteriorating; And the current societal structure is designed to coerce vaccines for all generations and if not, then to separate the grandparents from the grandchildren. These are the times when we see the fragmentation of the basic foundations of human health and society.

What we know is that immune systems are designed for us to be able to function within the external world. Our human systems are designed so that we learn from and adapt to the external stressors of bacteria and viruses. A healthy immune system is foundational for the governance of self.

When our immune systems are challenged by or suppressed by toxins in the environment, immunosuppressive and modulating medicines, then no longer is the immune system able to do what it is meant to do: to differentiate self from non-self.

Our mucous membranes are the surface upon which the immune system functions and are the surface upon which we are to reconcile infectious disease. The deeper aspects of the immune system become activated when the peripheral aspects are contacted. When infectious agents are injected directly into the blood, as in with vaccines, they bypass the number one defense mechanism your body has.

Without those mucous membranes working for us there is no discernment between the inside and the outside. This happens on a physiological level. This happens on an immunological level. It happens on a psycho-spiritual level. With faulty mucous membranes we cannot discern the truth from the nonsense we cannot sort the garbage from the nutrients.

You have come to FHCi because you believe that there might be another way to live. To live in harmony on this planet. You have come to FHCi because you know in your gut there is another way. All our HPx Programs are intended to touch upon those mucous membranes and activate the immune system. To activate discernment from self and non-self, truth and lies. These programs are using homeopathic remedies that have historically been used for infectious diseases and epidemics, and to clear inherited conditions. Moreover, these homeopathic remedies are capable to affect genetics and inherited conditions and are capable to enhance the immune system.

The time is now, if humanity has a hope to move onto a new world, we need our immune systems intact and the sovereignty of our brain, our thoughts, and ourselves. Humans are gifted with reason, knowledge, and thousands of years of genetic evolution and have survived and evolved without vaccines until the last 70 years. Now, when other humans have sought to take down and destroy the one bodily system that is vital for life, we must seek alternatives.

If you are interested in keeping your immune system intact or repairing any of the damages that have happened to it, consider HPx. Become an FHCi Patron, find an HPx Practitioner, study our programs, be a part of the movement, joining our research. This way you may have a new beginning. The time is now.