Homeopathic Detoxification: Homeo-detox (HDx)

Homeoprophylaxis (HPx) offers an amazing opportunity for an individual’s immune system to be educated towards recognizing and reconciling infectious diseases in a safe and non-toxic way.

To get maximum benefit from any HPx Program, which requires healthy immune system function, it may be recommended to initiate you or your child’s process towards healthy immune systems with an Homeo-Detox (HDx) Protocol. HDx Protocols are not intended to mitigate prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure any preexisting medical condition but rather to release the free expression of your epigenetics towards health and balance.

HDx Protocols are selected based on your health needs and require a full health history and intake with your HPx Practitioner.

By design of creation, the genetic machinery for healthy immune system function is inherent to survival. However, current day immune system function has been altered by vaccines, antibiotics, other immunosuppressive drugs, and chemical and environmental toxins. These all have the potential to alter epigenetic expression of systems and functions within the human body including how the immune system and detox pathways work.

There are many detox and elimination protocols available on the market. Instead of moving toxins from one part to another within the body, or violent purgative processes, individualized and custom HDx protocols are made with homeopathic remedies (energetic remedies) to shift the energetic patterns of toxicity.

Homeo-Detox is a combination of one or more of the following: orthomolecular support, herbal or low potency drainage support, organ specific remedies, miasmatic or constitutional remedies along-side potency driven clearing of medications, environmental toxins and/or vaccines.

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