Access To The Practitioner Directory

The Practitioner Directory is available to all registered FHCI Patrons.

We have practitioners throughout the US and Canada, and some in Europe and other parts of the world.

Due to the scrutiny of regulatory agencies regarding the practice of Homeopathy, access to HPx Practitioners and HDx or HPx Programs is through our affiliate Private Membership Association (PMA).

All of the HPx Practitioners listed in this directory are certified in HPx through FHCi and have foundational training in the practice of homeopathy according to Hahnemannian philosophy.

In the directory you will find their credentials and certifications, specialties in practice, and the HPx Programs they offer.

Please review the website and learn about the HPx Programs and how they work. When you are ready to proceed complete the FHCi Patron Registration to access the Practitioner Directory and select your HPx Practitioner.

Five Easy Steps to Access HPx