Ethics Complaints Reporting

FHCi is a non - profit overseeing education, research ,and access to HPx. It consists of the Board of Directors, Students, Patrons and the HPx Practitioners that serve the hat participate in HPx Programs.

Our mission and objectives include :

  • Overseeing the collection and analysis of data measuring the effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis as it affects short and long - term health
  • Research and education of Homeoprophylaxis and Homeopathic protocols aimed at protecting children's and adult immune systems, educating parents,caregivers, and health practitioners about healthy immune system function and maturation, and ensuring a mechanism of access to the homeopathic remedies needed to fulfill these objectives.

FHCi operates within a model of benevolence and service towards Patrons,HPx Practitioners,and the Board by working within the honor system of individual responsibility and integrity towards the mission and financial obligations described in the Bylaws and the Patronship, Student, and HPx practitioners agreements.

As HPx Individuals,Families, and HPx Practitioners are all Patrons of FHCi, each party,including the FHCi Board of Directors, is eligible to file a complaint against another party. Complaints may be reported within 6 months of the assumed ethical indiscretion.The FHCi Ethics Review Committee accepts, reviews and sets the path for resolution within 90 days of receiving this report.

As a Patron, reports are filed from within your Patron Portal.